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What is a MSP?

A Managed Service Provider is a third-party company that remotely manages a company’s information technology infrastructure, such as desktops, networks, and security. Using our remote management software, we can diagnose hardware and software issues at your location from our location.

When a client chooses us as their managed service provider, they get access to our ticketing system. This allows you to describe the problem, take photos or screenshots, and even pick the technician you want to work with. We respond to tickets the same day they’re submitted and usually have the problem fixed within thirty-six hours.


Do I really need one?

If you ever have problems with your email, struggle with internet connectivity, can’t figure out where your documents went, don’t have file backups, don’t understand how to work your company’s software tools, keep getting scammed, or have been the victim of phishing, you need a managed service provider. If you find yourself hiring someone to fix what you broke over and over, you need a managed service provider.

Average Cost of IT Staff

The average salary of a technician in TN is $58,000.

Break and Fix

For a one-off IT problem, average rate is $150 per hour.

MSP Plan

Our silver seat is $2,400 a year.

Which tier is right for me?

Our support system reflects the amount of technology your business requires and the number of employees you have using it – we call them ‘seats’. All of our tiers include unlimited automated monitoring, unlimited remote maintenance, and a set amount of on-site support per month. Each tier builds upon the previous.


//Description and Perks

Our technicians can install Microsoft 365 on a computer, providing users with the Microsoft 365 Suite. This hybrid cloud based software can be saved and used locally on your device without access to the internet and in the cloud, allowing the user to access documents anywhere. This includes access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, OneDrive, Outlook email, and other Microsoft 365 Suite offerings. With purchase of a Cloud seat, you’ll also get professional email addresses for your business – Included is our support of the software, such as security audits and password recovery. We will also teach you and your team how to cohesively use Microsoft 365 within your business.




Starting at Bronze Access, clients get the benefits of the Cloud Access along with unlimited remote support live with a technician for their desktop. This remote support allows our technicians to diagnose and treat software and networking problems. Clients also get the benefit of five hours of on-site, in person support per month, allowing us to fix hardware related issues. The unlimited automated support includes computer backups to help mitigate ransomware and other malware attacks.  At Bronze, remote and on-site support is limited to Monday-Friday business hours of 9 am to 5 pm.




At Silver Access, clients get the benefits of Bronze as well as ten hours of on-site support per month. Clients may also use our remote desktop product,  allowing them to access their work computer from any other internet connected device. At Silver, remote and on-site support is limited to Monday-Friday business hours of 9 am to 5 pm.




At Gold Access, clients get the benefits of Silver as well as Sentinel One, our XDR (Extended Detection and Response) partner service. They will also get Priority Ticket Response, moving their ticket ahead of non-emergency tickets in the queue. Weekend ticketing response allows us to start working on the problem on Saturday so clients will be ready for Monday. At this level we will develop and train clients for a major IT disaster such as ransomware or power surges. On-site support increases to fifteen hours per month.



At Platinum, clients get the benefits of Silver as well as cyber security insurance compliance. Clients also gain access to Andrew as their virtual Chief Information Officer The vCIO will assess the client’s IT needs across their business and draft a long term plan to fix existing or potential problems with specific goals. This tier was developed in mind for businesses who are rapidly expanding and need guidance before they run into workplace stoppage. While we advocate for prevention, Platinum is also for businesses in a tech crisis. On-site support increases to 20 hours a month. Priority ticket response at Platinum moves the ticket to the front of the queue.


Cloud Tier

Enter your description
$ 50 Monthly
  • Microsoft 365
  • Professional Email
  • Account Management

Bronze Tier

Enter your description
$ 150 Monthly
  • 5 hours of on-site support
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited Automated Support
Most Popular

Silver Tier

Enter your description
$ 200 Monthly
  • 10 hours of on-site support
  • Access work PC from home
  • List Item #3

Gold Tier

Enter your description
$ 250 Monthly
  • 15 Hours of On-Site Support
  • Sentinel One
  • Weekend Ticketing Response

Platinum Tier

Enter your description
$ 350 Monthly
  • 20 Hours of On-Site Support
  • Cyber Insurance Compliance
  • Priority Ticket Response


Yes, within reason and availability. If you have saved sixty hours of on-site support and save it for December – when most of our company is on holiday – we may not be able to honor those hours until January. We do cap this at six months at your current level. For example, a company with silver seats would cap out at sixty available hours.

We will endlessly fix software included in your contract or in our tech stack – even if you didn’t buy it from us – but we won’t fix unsupported software such as G-Suite or custom software.

We no longer advertise our break and fix services. In Ye Olden Days, technical issues were due to physical problems such as cables breaking or monitors failing. Now, tech is often cloud based and problems require more time and expertise than digging under a desk and finding the failed wiring. We can still fix your break for a higher fee, but clients who are on a monthly MSP contract are our priority. For the cost of one break and fix – $250 – you could instead purchase a Gold Access seat.

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